Tips for Responsible Dolphin Watching

Dolphin-watching tours are becoming increasingly popular because many people realize that these creatures should not be kept in captivity. Therefore, they choose to observe them in their natural habitat. Though observing the cetaceans in the wild can be beneficial and even dangerous, it must be done responsibly not only to benefit operators and local communities seeking a livelihood, but also to benefit both the participants, whales, and dolphins, as well as the marine environment in general. Therefore, it is important to follow a couple of simple guidelines to get the most out of your Dolphin Watching Fort Myers experience without harming them.


  1. Engage the services of a reputable tour operator


Ensure that you do some research and determine whether an expert guide will participate in the event. Rather than offering sensational experiences, the trip should be primarily educational. A responsible company will have detailed guides, experience, and qualifications on its website. It will also have a responsible Dolphin Watching Fort Myers policy.


  1. Coordinate viewing times and directions before departure


Before approaching a viewing area, responsible operators should talk to other boats to avoid trapping whales and dolphins. The boat should stay at least 330 feet away from the animals, and its behavior should be predictable. Make sure your skipper doesn’t startle you with sudden changes like speed, direction, or sound level. It’s best to keep each vessel at a no-wake speed and not stay near the same viewing area for more than 30 minutes.


  1. Keep it natural while you’re watching


You should always let an animal decide how long and what to do. Do not chase or harass the dolphin. While kayaking, you may get a chance to Dolphin Watching Fort Myers up close, but remember that these animals can be quite sensitive, especially their skin. You can’t touch them as they skim the water beside you, no matter how tempting it is. Feeding them is also prohibited. Don’t disturb their natural eating habits, leading to big problems. Lastly, be aware of the signs of distress. Leave the interaction area as quickly as possible if you think the animals are becoming anxious or frustrated.


  1. Do not enter the water with the animals.


Most experts will suggest staying a safe distance away from whales or dolphins above the water to avoid a collision. The behavior of these aquatic mammals is not well understood, and it is, therefore, too dangerous to enter the water when they are present. Keep your hands off the water when you are observing an animal. This ensures the animal has the most natural experience.



It is always advised to keep the above things in mind whenever you go to Fort Myers to watch and see dolphins. Anytime you need assistance or have questions, Adventures Kayaking is there for you. Eco-guided tours are what we specialize in at Adventures Kayaking. Our specialists understand how essential it is for you to have a clear view of dolphins, so keeping that in mind, we are by your side throughout the entire dolphin watching the process. This ensures that not only do you learn about different regions from our well-trained personnel, but you also receive a more clear view of dolphins.