Tips for Collecting Seashells

Seashell hunting is probably one of your kids’ favorite beach trips. Finding Sea Shelling Near Me is a budget-friendly (and fun) way to entertain the whole family and teach your kids what marine life is like.


Shells make fantastic souvenirs or gifts when collected responsibly – and they’re unique. We’ve got some tips on collecting Sea Shelling Near Me responsibly.


Bring the right gear.


Having a keen eye and a little curiosity is necessary for seashell hunting. The good news is you can add a few extra things to make scavenging for shells a lot safer and easier for the whole family. Remember to pack a pair of water shoes, polarized sunglasses, a mesh bag for collecting shells, and even this scavenger hunt checklist so that your child can thoroughly explore marine life.


Early birds get the worm.


If you (or your children) can wake up before sunrise, hunting for Sea Shelling Near Me is a perfect time. Watching a sunrise, watching your kids discover the coolest seashells, and enjoying the beach when hordes of tourists do not yet overrun it are all good reasons to go. The sun will not be as hot, and the tides will be lower during this time, so it is safer to be at the beach. You should seek shells at the storm’s end for best results, since rough water washes even more shells onto the shoreline after a storm.


Search the wet sand


Some of the best shells are often found below the wrack line, where the sand is wet, and there is little erosion. During the night high tide, seashells, kelp, and various types of other sea life are typically deposited in this beach region. Those shells that are higher up on the beach will be less vibrant and could have been breached by the sun because of their exposed location.


Leave no stone unturned.


When looking for shells, sometimes you have to look in unexpected places. Look under nearby boulders or logs for shells-your kids might find something cool that hasn’t been picked up yet!


Take care of your shells.


When your child is satisfied with their collection of seashells, the next step is to get them properly cleaned, so you can appreciate their true beauty. In the first instance, soak them to remove debris and dirt, but avoid bleaching them, as this will affect the vibrancy of the colors. While you are at it, you can also use an old toothbrush to remove any grit or dirt accumulated on the shells while they are being cleaned. Be sure that your kids thoroughly dry the shells after soaking them for a week, so they can enjoy their unique natural beauty.




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