About Us

Jo and Glenn Novotny – In-charge of Adventures Kayaking 

For Glenn Novotny, fishing was a huge part of childhood. His grandfather taught him how to fish when he was just five years old. They covered small lakes surrounding their house and, as he grew older, he got to experience fishing in more challenging waters. He went on expeditions to Canada and Artic circle too.

As a young man, he owned and operated his own charter boat on Lake Michigan. His passion has always been inshore fishing along the Gulf Coast. He moved to Florida 18 years ago.

He says, “Kayaking has been the answer to my dreams, as it allows me to be one with nature and live out my dreams as fishing areas not accessible by boat.” And, “I am able to enjoy this wonderful sport, it is economical and green. I have learned many secrets of inshore fishing and would love to share them with you.”

At Adventures Kayaking, the guides teaches you about the history of area, the Calusa Indians, Mangroves, and the different facts and habits of the animals.

Have a memorable time at Adventures Kayaking.

Jo and Glenn Novotny also enjoy spending their time with their glass blowing business