About Us

Kurt – Owner of Adventures Kayaking 

Hello and thanks for considering Adventures Kayaking (AK) for your kayak or paddleboard outing! Just a little background about me... I moved to SW Florida from Texas with my older brother, Brent, in 2008 to work in a family retail business. Over time we developed a fondness for the coastal waters and started our own watercraft businesses... Brent started and grew from a small kayak eco-tour business into what is now a local favorite, while I built a jet ski and boat rental business. After taking responsibility for my brother's business a couple of years ago, our team (Cam, Tyler, Mike, and others) and I have worked hard, focusing on providing exceptional service while maintaining the upmost respect for the eco-system we share and protect. In 2023 I acquired Adventures Kayaking when the owner retired. We at Adventures Kayaking would be honored to show you a truly great time on the water!"

Adventures Kayaking has the capacity to handle the largest group outings, but we are attentive to each individual's specific needs. Our online booking system focuses on what most customers want but I understand there are lots of different needs. Please give me a call and I can help if you need a quote for a large group, a private event, or something totally unique (I've helped to host a memorable "pop the question" visit on the beach!). We also do multi-day rental drop-offs around the area.